6 Things to Know Before Selling Your House on Your Own

by Sep 14, 2020

Your home is very likely the most expensive investment you’ve ever made.  So, selling it has to be done right!  Below we provide you with top tips on selling your home without a realtor. 

The main reason why people might consider selling their house themselves is the cost of listing with agents, and the high commissions involved.  It adds up to a large chunk of what you get.  Is it worth it?  Yes, probably, you will usually find that an agent can negotiate a better price for you than you could do on your own.  But if you want to go it on your own in the San Antonio TX area, we have compiled a list of things that need to be planned.

The Cost of Marketing

There are many ways in which you can market your house for sale; these include:

  • Online listings (listing your house on MLS without a realtor)
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Signs in the front garden and on the street

Each of these come with a cost.  Do your research and work out which will work best for you and which suit your budget.  But know that you will need to use more than one of the above if you don’t have the luxury of a lengthy waiting period.

Responding to Potential Buyers

Potential buyers (or even just nosy neighbors) will get in touch with you to ask questions about your property or make appointments to have a look.  Be prepared with all the answers regarding evaluations, property size, rights, and the like.  Keep a diary at hand to schedule viewings.

Getting Your Home in Shape

Remember that when people come to see your home, they will be looking for ‘issues.’  So, now is the time to deal with all those outstanding maintenance issues.  A cracked window, mold on a wall, a dripping tap, or broken tiles will all be noticed, and buyers will either knock the price down (usually by a lot more than the cost of the repair) or expect you to fix these before the sale.  It’s advisable to remedy these issues before showing your home.

Showing Your Home

Showing your home yourself can be potentially awkward. You will hear people’s candid opinions about what they don’t like about your house, and have to learn to bite your tongue! You have to be available at hours that suit the viewer and keep the house neat and tidy at all times.  You may even want to have your house professionally cleaned before beginning to take appointments.  Fresh flowers or the smell of biscuits baking are subtle ways of making it come across at its best.  If your furnishings are not particularly stylish, you may even want to hire in some end pieces to give it an edge.  There are staging companies that can assist you with this, but don’t forget to include it in your sales budget.

Making Sure Your Rights Are Covered

Probably the trickiest part of selling your own home in San Antonio is ensuring that you have checked all the boxes legally.  You will need to manage the escrow and the contracts.  It is advisable to have a lawyer go over these to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of, or find that you have liabilities you remain responsible for after the sale that you missed.  Whatever you do, please don’t accept a contract drawn up by the buyer without having it checked by a lawyer.

Be Prepared to Wait, or Not

As much as selling a home is a big deal, so is buying one.  Be prepared for delays while potential buyers think it over, or get a private valuation.  Many house sales are also dependant on the buyer selling their house first or being approved for a first-time mortgage. So, be prepared for an indefinite wait, but also be prepared to move on short notice if your sale goes through quickly.

You Can Sell Your Home Quickly for Cash

Mr. G Buys buys houses with cash, in any condition, no realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs or cleaning.  We handle it all for you.  We provide you with a quick, safe, professional, and legal way of selling your home without any hidden costs.